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Rocket Lawyer

Black Pine Circle School

poster design
I've been called on at various times to create event and environment posters and I just can't get enough of them. I get to spend the bulk of my time on typography, my true design love, when immersed in these projects.

ROCKET LAWYER | These posters are an excerpt from a larger series used in the Rocket Lawyer HQ offices in San Francisco. Their purpose was to connect the SF team to Rocket Lawyer's mission by giving them insight into the lives of the people who use Rocket Lawyer and the attorneys who make up the network.

BLACK PINE CIRCLE SCHOOL | Spring Soiree—the goal for these posters was to communicate a fun and elegant theme and atmosphere. Back to School Picnic—an annual start-of-year gathering where I used a 'parts of a whole' theme and rich, saturated colors to help to deliver the message of community building.

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Rocket Lawyer's platform helps to make high quality legal services accessible and affordable to everyone. On users can complete legal documents via a simple questionnaire, get quick legal questions answered and hire vetted attorneys at discounted rates.

Black Pine is a Socratic-model private school in Berkeley for kindergarten through eighth grade students.