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Black Pine Circle School

Annual report
I worked with Black Pine Circle School to produce their annual report in 2018 (report was for the financial year of 2017). Black Pine is a Socratic-model private school in Berkeley for kindergarten through eighth grade students.

Their goals for the project were not only to communicate necessary financial information, but to also double as a marketing piece and show gratitude to the parents who donate their time and money to the school. As the piece needed to serve varied purposes, we wanted it to show off the school and reinforce its mission of creating a humanistic learning community. Black Pine had a library of thoughtful images that we relied on to help tell its story.

One of my challenges for this piece was a voluminous amount of copy. While our preference would have been increase the number of pages and spread out the content as much as possible, we also needed to be mindful of budget and the necessity for keeping the booklet length to a minimum. I alleviated heaviness in the layout by bringing in a lively palette with full-page color blocks that helped to balance the copy.