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eguide design + copy editing
Qualia's platform makes centers on simplifying the home buying closing process. It communicates every step of the process and provides a central source of truth for often disjointed teams.

This eGuide is an educational workbook hybrid, serving primarily as a business development piece to acquire new customers. Real estate closing software is a decision that can make or break a firm—it involves 100% buy-in from the team and in some cases, can consume a large portion of its operating budget.

The goal of Qualia's eGuide was to give the reader a framework for evaluating new enterprise software solutions. It walks them through 11 chronological steps and offers them worksheets and best practices for arriving at a final solution. Organizing the content logically and making it very digestible were key. We also developed a language for communicating important parts of the content via highlighting that made it an even easier read and gave it a thoughtful, well-designed feel.